Puerto Rico is a charming island in the Caribbean. It has so many beautiful places to go to, aside from having stunning beaches, landscape mountains, waterfalls, El Yunque rainforest, best culinary foods, and stunning Spanish colonial buildings, Puerto Rico is undoubtedly one of a kind.

Yes,  Puerto  Rico has all these amazing things to offer you, but what it also has is a breathtakingly beautiful Capital; Old San Juan.

Old San Juan is known to be as ‘San Juan Antiguo”.  Yes, they called it “Antiguo” as it is 500 years of age and thrives in its historical heritage. Old San Juan is charming, romantic and beautiful with so many things to entertain you.

Walk Through Old San Juan – Exploring this place on foot is the only way to go. There are so many spots that you can have all to yourself. Walking around Old San Juan is the best way to enjoy its splendor. You can pop into places you may not see driving by. There are so many unique shops, cafes, local restaurants & bars. The cobblestone streets are stunning to walk through.

Discover “Castillo de San Cristóbal” also known as Saint Christopher Castle. Built in the year 1785, made by the Spanish to protect San Juan against attacks. Castillo San Cristobal is a National Historic site that served its vigorous defense against the attacks,  This is a popular place where tourists visit for a $5 entrance fee. It is managed by the national parks. You can walk through an S-shape tunnel, enter a dungeon, take pictures inside a sentry box (aka as “Garita”).

Learn about “Castillo de San Felipe del Morro” a popular site with a shorter name: “El Morro” which means promontory, and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Old San Juan. This place is striking, built in the 16th-century citadel known to be Puerto Rico’s enclose guardian of the world with 500 years of military history that began with the Spanish and ended with World War II.

To get to the fort, you’ll have to follow to the Earl of Cumberland’s footsteps and walk through the vast green beautiful field, and you’ll have to climb too steep slopes, and once you reach the citadel, you can now enjoy the unique indigenous architecture design of El Morro.

On Sunday’s you will see hundreds of kites in the air where locals come to fly kites as there is always a nice breeze and they sit and picnic in the park. Seeing the green grass, blue skies, colorful kites with a bold fort in the background is a site to see!

Notice Old San Juan Colorful & Historic Buildings –  Old San Juan, is known for captivating culture, stunning architecture, great weather, and outstanding dining. When spending a day wandering the streets of Viejo San Juan you’re exploring some of the best food the Caribbean has to offer.

The Capital – info here

Paseo de la Princesa – info here 

Enjoy the Local Cuisine – Old San Juan has so many restaurants to choose from that we could write and write all about them, but for now, here is a list of some favorites and we are sure you will make your own preferred list when you visit the island.

Marmalade /  https://www.marmaladepr.com/

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Verde Mesa / https://m.facebook.com/verdemesa

La Mallorquina – The oldest restaurant in  Old San Juan / click here

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