If you find yourself vacationing in Vieques, then you should not pass up the opportunity of visiting the incredible Ceiba Tree of Vieques. This alluring tree is over 375 years old. The exposed roots and the massive trunk make it one of the island’s most ancient landmarks. You feel small incredibly small when standing alone, surrounded by a field of grass, next to this majestic tree.

Some have said it is like being in the presence of the Divine.

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Many cultures consider Ceiba, also known as Kapok, as The Tree of Life. Stand in the presence of this tee, and see why the Tainos believed that the souls of the departed resided within the Ceiba. The Mayans thought that you could access alternative worlds through the Ceiba, and would only build towns where a Ceiba grew.

The Ceiba Tree is said to heal, and if you sit underneath its protection, you can feel it radiating love. We live in very chaotic times. Like most of the worlds we live in, Puerto Rico has been experiencing its share of hardships. Just knowing the sheer power and beauty this tree holds, and to withstand the test of time between humankind and mother nature, is what makes it remarkably sacred. It’s as if the Ceiba stands tall and says, “We are all One in the Heart.”

After standing with the Ceiba, it is not uncommon for one to feel an enormous amount of gratitude. So much so, that many visitors have said they experience it’s power for months after, and will often reconnect with the Ceiba on future trips to Vieques. The Ceiba Tree resonates energy and reminds visitors of the peace and open-heartedness that are still living on the island.

The Ceiba Tree was still left standing after the Hurricane ravaged both the island of Vieques and Puerto Rico. It still lives to tell the story of Puerto Rico and to hold onto the stories of all those who have reached out their hands to touch its enchanted trunk.

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The Ceiba guides and reminds the world that it is time to release the stories that no longer fit – like that of the devastations of Hurricane Maria, and the media frenzies surrounding the island who have coined the term ” Crisis Island.” These stories also include the ones regarding separation and power that, for as I stated previously, the Ceiba stands to remind us that “We are all One in the Heart.” Just like the Ceiba, we can choose what stories we want to create for our future generations. I suggest that as we do this, and we remember the message of the Ceiba Tree, that has been living and thriving in the open-hearted community of Vieques.

You can find the Ceiba tree by traveling west along Route 200, past the airport and the Isla Nena Cafe. Stay straight. You’ll reach a curve, and see the large Ceiba along with a sign on the right-hand side. It’s before you reach Mosquito Pier.

We can’t wait for you to come down and experience the beauty here and keep coming back year after year. We will see you soon.

Safe & fun travels!

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