When you think of rainforests of the world, you may not think of the United States? Maybe you think of Brazil, Costa Rica, Indonesia, all of these countries are known for their rainforests. They also require some possibly complex travel arrangements for Americans.  

Yes, Hawaii has some beautiful rainforests (Washington & Alaska do too), but guess what, so does beautiful Puerto Rico, all on American soil, no passport required for American citizens. We want to take  deep dive into the rainforests here on our beautiful island. The views will take your breath away, possibly make your jaw drop. After you read this and see all the beautiful pictures, you are going to want book your ticket down here to Puerto Rico (it’s really easy to get here). More info

Add it to your bucket list. We have so many breathtaking views and beautiful hikes within El Yunque you will not regret your trip. That is if you love natural beauty. If you like other things like food, culture, crystal clear warm beaches, we have that too, check out some of our other blog posts and follow us on social media.

The “El Yunque Rainforest” is not just another rainforest. , El Yunque National Rainforest is located on the slopes of the Sierra de Luquillo mountains, encompassing 28,000 acres (43.753 mi2 or 113.32 km2) of land, making it the largest block of public land in Puerto Rico. As you drive to the forest, you will be amazed out how large it really is. You will see pristine forest everywhere you look.

El Yunque National Forest, formerly known as the Caribbean National Forest.  “Yuke” means white lands and refers to the mountain tops usually covered by clouds. The Taíno Indians of Puerto Rico considered their mountain range sacred.  It’s a tropical rainforest found in the warm climates you find when you are close to the equator. Yep, Puerto Rico has amazing weather all year round. Come here to escape the cold. You’ll be in the perfect climate no matter what time of year you come visit.  There are many tropical rainforests around the world but El Yunque is actually a National Forest

A rainforest is known as a quiet place but El Yunque is amazing as it is quiet yet can be loud at the same time where we can hear the famous coquí frog as you are hiking along. The coquis are  tiny but can make some noise ;-). They sing a two-note orchestra which sounds like this: Co-qui (KOE KEY). While enjoying the coqui’s song as the sun goes down and all night, you/we can also enjoy birds chirping and singing in the middle of the day. The forest has a wet and muddy ground covered and shaded by giant tall trees. It’s paradise and the perfect temperature. 

There are many insects flying and enjoying to Roaming around in the middle of the rain, foggy and misty, and vines hanging from their branches. The forest is also home to many beautiful colorful birds, butterflies, insects and many other animals playing. can find 50 species of birds, 11 species of bats, 8 species of lizards, and 13 species of coquí (a tree frog). Many are hiding on the trunks or on the leaves of the many trees. Stop by the visitors center to see all the wonderful information that have on the fauna and wildlife of the forest. They have great exhibits as well as movies you can watch on the history. There is a fee for the Visitors Center which has a wealth of information, but hiking is always free in the park as well. Here is the visitor center page which also has maps of hiking, driving & biking trails 

At El Yunque, everywhere we look is green (except the beautiful blue ocean views you can see from lookout points.

El Yunque rainforest is amazingly beautiful, but it’s not just for sightseeing. El Yunque has so many activities to offer that will surely give you a want to visit and definitely make you include it on the top of your bucket list trip.

Here’s why we El Yunque is worth adding  to your bucket list: 

  •    You can explore the hidden gems of El Yunque rainforest.
  •    Spend the day hiking in evergreen mountains that will surely satisfy your expectation. Learn More
  •    Enjoy the natural wonders of rocky falls and plunge to cool and refreshing water.
  •    Visit La Mina Falls, this falls is open for public and you will surely enjoy swimming in it. 
  •    If you prefer fun and exciting adventure we can call on “Aventuras Tierra Adentro. Learn more HERE. They can take you a canyoning tour of the rainforest that will have you zip-lining, rappelling, rock climbing and leaping through the air.

  •    Enjoy the lush green environment far from the crowded city.
  •    Rent an ATV  and go to the falls, learn about the history and land, and fill that adrenalin rush you may have Carbali.com  or Viator.com
  •    Sit under the lush green and tall trees and have a snack while listening to coquis and birds chirping.
  •    See exotic iguanas and different species that you will surely love.
  •    Grab some great photos to make your friends jealous (make sure you tag us #vacationonourisland)  Capture your unlimited great moments in the forest together with your friends and family.
  •    Do a handstand for an awesome profile picture.  We want to be hashtagged in that too #vacationonourisland

There are so many beautiful things that worth seeing and doing at El Yunque rainforest. There is not enough time for us to capture all of it in this one article, but we hope we wet your appetite and you are ready to plan your next trip down to Puerto Rico and come check out El Yunque.  If you are a nature lover, you will surely enjoy Puerto Rico and the natural beauty that makes up our island. Take a break from the crowded city, the cold weather, take the opportunity to come down and vacation on our island and visit El Yunque Rainforest. This is a great place for a memorable vacation. Visiting our island and  El Yunque is not only about enjoying yourself, but you are also helping us as an island recover and we appreciate you supporting Puerto Rico’s tourism.

What are you waiting for?! Come visit us. Visit our Travel page here to book your trip and vacation on our island.

It will be a vacation of a lifetime full of memories.

We invite you to vacation on our island. We’ll see you here