The Wild, Wild Horses of Vieques

The wild horses of Vieques are just as much a part of the island as the sand and sea! Upon arriving on Vieques, your first encounter may very well be with a horse. You may come upon them strolling on the beaches, grazing by the side of the road, or living on the...

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Cruising to Puerto Rico

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to take a vacation to wherever and whenever they want. Many working class people are allotted a small amount of vacation time each year, and it can be as little as 7-10 days per year. Choosing to cruise to Puerto Rico can be...

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Puerto Rico’s Conveniencies

“What’s it like vacationing in Puerto Rico,” is the age-old question that all my Airbnb guests ask me. The short answer is “It’s America!”  Puerto Rico is SUPER diverse in its culture and its land. So I can understand why many travelers find themselves perplexed by...

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Zika Free

The world health organization has declared the Caribbean Free of the Zika Virus! Before the impact and aftermath of Hurricane Maria made world news, the threat of the Zika virus was wreaking havoc on the tourism to Puerto Rico. There is no doubt that the disease is...

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The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico- what an interesting place it holds in American History!  How did it's Commonwealth Status with the United States come to be? What does it mean to be a commonwealth? And why is it confusing for many to understand how this relationship works?   There is no...

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The Lighthouses of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is no exception to the rule when it comes to owning some of the USA’s most magnificent and beautiful lighthouses. These places have become very popular among travelers and are a perfect site to see, hike, and take a picture at for your Instagram!

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Puerto Rico is a magical island filled with natural beauty (lush rainforests & crystal clear beaches), perfect weather all year round, history and a loving culture. Our mission is to share all the wonderful things this island has to offer and promote tourism on the island.


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