When you think about a lighthouse, what most likely comes to mind is the iconic coastal structures, standing as beacons inside foggy, quiet beach communities, offering a guiding light to sailors passing through in the night.


@vacationrican El Farro, Rincon

Puerto Rico is no exception to the rule when it comes to owning some of the USA’s most magnificent and beautiful lighthouses. These places have become very popular among travelers and are a perfect site to see, hike, and take a picture at for your Instagram! Each light offers a unique look into the areas in which they were built, prominent and isolated, with good visibility out to the sea. There are 16 Lighthouses in Puerto Rico, that were built mostly during the last twenty years of the nineteenth century, and served as guides to important marine routes.

Los Morrillos Light, Cabo Rojo

The first plans established for Puerto Rico’s lighthouse were created in 1869 under the Spanish Government approved, to serve the ships that sail through its waters.

In 1989, when the United States acquired the Puerto Rican Lighthouses as a result of the Spanish–American War. By 1900, the United States Lighthouse Board took responsibility for the aids, with the US Coast Guard mostly maintaining the navigations and structures.


@mghardgrove – Los Morrillos Light, Cabo Rojo

All of the Puerto Rican lighthouses are listed in the National Register of Historic Places and the National Register of Historic Properties of Puerto Rico.

Most recently, The Coast Guard has since transferred responsibility of the structures to the local government and conservation organizations. Many of the lighthouses have been fully restored, and are open to the public for tours. However, many still lack the necessary funds for restoration.


@orlando_p.r. Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Listed below are the locations and conditions of the 16 beautiful lighthouses in Puerto Rico:

  1. Los Morrillos Light, Cabo Rojo – Restored for tourism
  2. Punta Higuero Light, Rincón est. 1892 –  It has been fully restored and is part of the El Faro Park, which is an up and coming tourist and recreation center.
  3. Punta Borinquen Light, Aguadilla est.1892  – Operational
  4. Arecibo Light, Arecibo est.1898  – Restored for tourism
  5. Port San Juan Light, San Juan est. 1846 – Restored for tourism. Also goes by the names: El Morro, Faro de Morro, Faro del Castillo del Morro, and Puerto San Juan Light.
  6. Cape San Juan Light, Fajardo est. 1880 – Restored for tourism
  7. Guánica Light, Guanica est. 1893 – Ruins
  8. Cardona Island Light, Ponce est. 1889 – Good, not open for tourism
  9. Caja de Muertos Light, Ponce est. 1887 – Restored for tourism
  10. Punta de las Figuras Light, Arroyo est. 1893 – Restored for tourism. Damaged by Hurricane Maria
  11. Punta Tuna Light, Maunabo est. 1892 – Restored for tourism. Damaged by Hurricane Maria. 
  12. Mona Island Light, Mayagüez est. 1900 – Its condition is considered dire. Unless restored soon, this lighthouse will be lost.
  13. Punta Mulas Light, Vieques est. 1896 – Restored for tourism
  14. Puerto Ferro Light, Vieques est. 1896 – Abandoned and deteriorating
  15. Culebrita Island Light, Culebra est. 1886 – In Ruins
  16. Cabras Island Light, Ceiba est. 1908 – Abandoned in 1965 and destroyed in 1966

Stayed tuned as we bring you the more awesome history of Puerto Rico!

We can’t wait for you to come down and experience the beauty here and keep coming back year after year.

We will see you soon.

Safe & fun travels!

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