Thank you for being here. We are very grateful for your desire and action to help Puerto Rico.

This is a work in progress so please continue to come back as we grow as a non-profit. We love any support you can provide.

The founder of came to Puerto Rico 5 years ago for 10 days and fell in love with it and decided to move to the island. The island has so much to offer, and not many people know about it, not many American’s come and visit, she was one of them before.

Since she moved here, she wanted to help but didn’t know how. She employs and has employed local Puerto Ricans, but she wanted to do more.

After Maria, she had an aha moment, and that is where came from. So many people only hear the negative of Puerto Rico, and there is so much positive!  It is a beautiful island with beautiful people, and we want to share it with you. By visiting our island, you’ll have a fantastic time, and it provides us with jobs, it’s a win-win, and we like that. We know you to do, or you wouldn’t be here.

If you can take a vacation, please come down and visit, bring your friends, your family, your loved ones. If you can’t take a vacation right now, we get it, any help you can provide is appreciated, and we hope you come down and visit us soon. We aren’t going anywhere. We are strong we are resilient, and we are a tropical paradise inside the United States of America.

We can’t wait for you to come down and experience the beauty here and keep coming back year after year.

We will see you soon.

Safe & fun travels!

#VacationOnOurIsland #HelpPRcare

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